Julian Guzman© is a ColombianGraphic Designer and Digital Art

Julian Guzman is a Colombian designer and 3D artist who has been part of different projects in the fields of art direction, design, illustration, communication and editorial content.

This trajectory has allowed him to explore and evolve himself in cultural environments as well as in several brands' needs, therefore he has been able to develop multiple visual languages that speak to a specific client and young audiences as well.

As a 3D Artist, his work explores human perceptions by playing with complex shapes in VR, futuristic textures and vivid colors, creating visual dialogues on themes such as feelings, music and technology. His influences are abstract and conceptual art making minimalist works but also exploring chaos by letting himself be carried away by messy and weird shapes.

AB InBev / Budweiser / Corona / Red Bull / Adidas / Nike / Vice / Tratratrax / Insurgetes / Outer Space Sounds / Absolut / Alpina / Chevignon / Renault / Lego / Fundación Natalia Ponce De León / Revista Exclama / Clic (Congreso Latinoamericano De Innovación Y Creatividad) / Brincabrinca.


Art Direction / Graphic Design / Identity / Advertising / Illustration / Opening Credits


2023 — Beyond Basel - Art Basel Miami
2023 — M27 · ESC - The Brong Biennale
2023 — STUDIO20 Berlín - Organic Motion 
2023 — Hyperfuturism at Art Restart Club - Art Basel Hong Kong
2022 — Hyperfuturism at Asian Art Front - Osaka city Museum of fine Arts
2022 — Project GERM - ZAVTRA Art Gallery x Sxema, Moscow (group)


2023 — CACTUS Magazine N° 16
2024 — RED·EYE Magazine



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